Gemini Vigil            

Monday, June 20, 2016

Be part of this global Vigil for the second Gemini full moon by using the Great Invocation at specific times of your choosing during the 24 hours of Monday, June 20.

This month and for the rest of the year the peoples of various nations will be making critical choices about their future - choices which will have a significant effect on progress towards deeper identification with the one Humanity and the One Life. Together may we use the opportunities of a second Gemini full moon by linking with all who love humanity and the Earth to invoke the Light, Love and Power of Divinity, visualizing these benificent energies strengthening all being done in the world to build right relations and goodwill.

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Critical Choices

Peoples all over the world are making critical choices at this time (the EU referendum in the UK; US elections; responses to the migration crisis throughout Europe; Brazilian political crisis; etc).  It is as if a coalescing of issues has created a profound ‘moment’ of testing and choice. At the same time the SDG summit at the United Nations in September last year; the Paris Climate agreement and the positive results of the Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul suggest that there is a readiness to enter into deeper unity and move into a closer alignment with the Plan. It’s a dangerous time but the choices to be made are hugely significant so its no surprise that this time is accompanied by the stimulation of a double impact from Gemini.

Human Unity

The intention to express human unity is growing daily within the hearts of people everywhere - and this is provoking a measure of frustration and opposition. This is a time to move away from superficial unification towards deeper and more authentic unity where diversity is valued and encouraged. There is a need for light, love and spiritual will to guide our choices. Join with others to invoke these higher energies by using a world prayer, The Great Invocation.

Using the Great Invocation every 15 minutes

During the 24 hours of June 20 you are invited to hold an alignment with lighted energies of divinity for periods of 15 minutes - using the Great Invocation at the beginning and end of each 15 minutes. You can register for as many 15 minute periods as you wish. So, for the one hour period 9:00 - 10:00 AM, for example, you will use the Great Invocation at: 9:00; 9:15; 9:30; 9:45; 10:00 AM. When you register you will see the times the Vigil is operating in your own time zones

The Mindfulness Clock on Your Computer Will Help You Keep the 15 Minute Rhythm

Folks from the Washington Mindfulness Community offer a wonderful app to download on your computer. The Mindfulness Clock can be set to sound a chime every 15 minutes, so as you are continuing with your work on Monday, June 20, you can quietly pause and use the Great Invocation every 15 minutes throughout the day. Imagine the pulse of invocation generated by thousands of people using the Great Invocation on this rhythm.
Download the Mindfulness Clock for PCs here. For Mac users download the ProdMe Dashboard Widget.


How to participate:

1. Choose the times you will take part in the Vigil. You can organise a gathering in your community so that a group can meditate and use the Great Invocation every 15 minutes or you can take part in the Vigil as an individual.

2. Register your participation as an individual or a group here. The times shown on the Sign Up form are in your own time zone. Choose as many times as you wish.

3. Begin precisely on the quarter hour by using the Great Invocation.

3. Link in thought with the others who are linking at the same precise time as you and then with everyone in the world who will be using the Great Invocation on this special day.

4. Reflect on humanity's need for light, love and spiritual purpose.

5. Visualise the lighted, loving energies that can create the mental and emotional understanding and atmosphere within which right relations can flourish in ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world

6. Use the Great Invocation precisely on the quarter hour. As you do this think of the rhythmic pulse of invocation flooding the mental environment of the planet.

What's New

2016 is being observed by United Nations as: Year of pulses. a meditation for this theme and a full list of dates for the 2016 UN calendar.

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