Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Agni Yoga

Creativeness is the basis of evolution. With what then is it possible to strengthen the acts of creative power? Only with cheerfulness. Joy is a special wisdom. Cheerfulness is a special technique. This enhancement of vigor arises out of a conscious realization of the creativeness of elements. Truly, creative patience and cheerfulness are the two wings of the worker.

Community, sl. 163

Intellect is not wisdom. Straight-knowledge is wisdom. Intellect is reason. Wisdom decides, for long ago this decision already ripened. Intellect is the threshold of wisdom, and when sharpened it merges into the sphere of synthesis. Reason and a mind adapted to one specialty are the corners of the future house. A man with a specialized mind can pave for himself a brilliant future, but he will incarnate until his mind loses its narrow specialization. When intellect loses its specialty, it is already wise. Each specialty is designed for the conditions of earthly life. The synthesis of spirit opens all spheres·.

Agni Yoga, sl. 508

The heart thinks, the heart affirms, the heart unifies. One can always remember the significance of the heart, clouded for so long by the brain. The heart will be first to thrill, the heart will be first to quiver, the heart will be first to discern much, before the judgment of the brain dares to reflect. Without undermining the tortuous path of the brain, can we disregard in silence the most direct attainment of the heart, the arrow-like ray to which the miracle-heart is equal?

Heart, sl. 353

Very often the question has arisen as to which thought is the more effective, the uttered or unuttered one. Indeed, it may seem that the application of verbal formulas might add strength. People attracted by externals imagine that a framework of words will enhance the effectiveness of the thought. This, however, is but conventionality, and words will not help the essence. The wordless thought is far more powerful, manifesting a purer degree of Fire. One can observe that an unuttered thought remains entirely free from the condition of constraint brought by language. It approaches the fiery tongue and it multiplies its own power. We send fiery thoughts; they are fierily understood. This understanding may be called straight-knowledge, but its origin may be called the language of Fire.The Fiery World is primarily within us, if only we discern its abode! Thus, when one doubts whether communion with the Fiery World is possible, one should remember its presence everywhere. However, a current must be established through the heart and not the brain. One can find contact with the Subtle World continuously, but the Fiery World requires an especially good frame of mind. Verbal husks will alienate rather than bring us closer to the Fiery World.

Fiery World I, sl. 354

The subtlety of straight-knowledge impels the spirit to the higher spheres. As if providing wings, the straight-knowledge exalts the spirit. The spirit of the Agni Yogi strives forward like a predestined fiery stream. Therefore, Our Mother of Agni Yoga fierily creates. In the Epoch of Maitreya each fiery attainment is reached through tension; hence, each striving action has fire in its essence. Thus, Our closest co-workers create fierily. When We say "fierily" it means ardently; it means by the higher ways; it means in pure spirit; it means through beauty; it means through the understanding of the Common Good and, having understood the Common Good, it means without self-interest, without egotism; it means by applying the Teaching.

Infinity II, sl. 189

Ask a clever man what has most often warned him of danger, safeguarded him against errors and deviations. An honest man will say the heart. He will not name the brain or reason. Only a stupid man will rely upon conventionally rationalized deductions. The heart is permeated with straight-knowledge. It is not easy to accept the language of the heart as a reality. Time, devotion, and striving are needed in order to obtain the understanding of the expression of the heart.

Heart, sl. 334

Multitudes of thoughtless actions remain at the surface of existence, undifferentiable from the actions of the animal world. But if we speak of straight-knowledge and the heart, it is necessary to affirm thought as the power and co-creator of Existence. Notice that I do not speak of discussion, nor of pondering, but of thought, which sweeps through the surface of Substance with its individual rhythm, and thus creates infinitely.

Heart, sl. 47

Straight-knowledge is developed in the quest for new ways. Therefore, flexibility is the mark of straight-knowledge. Let us say to all new ones that the decisive rejection of old habits and an aspiring search are the foundations of success.

Infinity II, sl. 96

The ability to discern the true direction is a great and fiery quality. One can understand that such a quality is not easily strengthened. It demands not only discussion but the most attentive study of life. No one believes that one can leap, at one bound, from animal consciousness to straight-knowledge. Animal instinct is the germ of straight-knowledge, but great is the abyss between a dog that senses its master, and a man who is aware of the Fiery World! To sense the Fiery World while in the earthly body is already enlightenment.

Fiery World I, sl. 397

The sculptor's touch cannot be described in words. He himself will not be able to say precisely why he used a stroke of just such a depth. Similarly, you should correlate straight-knowledge with reality. The Teaching makes it possible to consider as reality that which yesterday was still unrealized.

Fiery World I, sl.46

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