Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Okri, Ben

There is no rest for the soul. God is hungry for us to grow. When you look around and you see empty spaces, beware. In those spaces are cities, invisible civilisations, future histories, everything is HERE. We must look at the world with new eyes. We must look at ourselves differently. We are freer than we think. We haven't begun to live yet. The man whose light has come on in his head, in his dormant sun, can never be kept down or defeated. We can redream this world and make the dream real. Human beings are gods hidden from themselves. Our hunger can change the world, make it better, sweeter. The world that we see and the world that is there are two different things. Wars are not fought on battlegrounds but in a space smaller than the head of a needle. We need a new language to talk to one another.

Ben Okri, The Famished Road, p. 498

... to see anew is not enough. We must also create our new lives, everday, with will and light and love.

Ben Okri, Songs of Enchantment. London, Vintage, 1994. p. 291

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