Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Vaughan, Frances

As any creative person knows, when one gives the imagination free rein, it is likely to produce a lot of worthless material along with that which is highly prized by the individual and/or society. What is characteristically intuitive in this process is the factor of inspiration. Artists know that the muse must be wooed. Creative inspiration cannot be commanded, yet when it comes it carries with it the tremendous power and energy which may enable the artist to achieve a truly great work. It also carries the conviction and certainty characteristic of intuitive insight. The artist may not be able to explain why he or she feels compelled to carry out a particular piece of work, but he or she knows it must be done. The intuitive faculty leads the artist into new ways of expression and, whatever the medium, serves as the link between the individual and the universal experience given expression in a work of art. Thus, the source of true art is always an intuitive cognition of reality.

Frances E. Vaughan, Awakening Intuition, p. 48

If you are willing to confront the fears that arise when you are faced with letting go of some cherished illusion, then intuition allows you to know things as they are. At this point, when you have made commitment to your own inner truth, you may be increasingly willing to follow the guidance of intuition rather than try to use it to fulfill egotistical desires. The steady pursuit of self-knowledge leads eventually to a self-transcendence in which personal needs and desires are seen in a larger perspective. The intuitive realization that one is part of a larger whole, inseparable from the environment in which one lives, and that being is essentially the same in everyone, albeit in an infinite variety of patterns and forms, allows one to see oneself and the universe as an interdependent unit.

Frances E. Vaughan, Awakening Intuition, p. 181

Time after time it appears that major human achievements involve intuitive leaps of imagination. It is the intuitive, holistic, pattern-perception faculties associated with the right hemisphere of the brain that break through existing formulations of truth and expand the body of knowledge. The stabilization of intuitive insights, and their usefulness to humanity, are subsequently determined by careful, logical examination and validation, but the original vision or insight is intuitive.

Frances E. Vaughan, Awakening Intuition, p. 153

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