Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Godwin, Robert W.

Most people naturally regard the horizontal dimension as what is real, because that is how Darwinian evolution designed us. The vertical, however, operates "perpendicular" to chronological time. This is where what we call God comes from. It's where revelation comes from. Revelations don't come from the past; they come from the Above. The vertical is actually the leading edge of the cos­mos, the creative space of post-biological evolution. It is about qualities, such as depth, interiority, and the three great tran­scendentals: the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Virtually everything that defines us as humans, that gives us our dig­nity and our nobility, comes from the vertical-our capacity to know Truth, our capacity for aesthetic beauty, music, sym­phonies, poetry. To give an example, when Jesus is baptized, the spirit descends on him like a dove. It literally comes down vertically. That might be a metaphor, but it's a very useful metaphor because it describes the experience. Just like the horizontal contains energies-the energies of physics-the vertical contains energies-the energies of shakti, grace. Any spiritual practice is about opening up to that vertical energy.

Robert W. Godwin, The Only Journey There Is : An Exploration of Cosmic and Cultural Evolution - Interview by Elizabeth Debold. What is Enlightenment Magazine, Issue 35, Jan- March 2007, p. 63

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