Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Laszlo, Ervin

The current shift in science's concept of the world from a lifeless rock to an interconnected and quasi-living universe has intense meaning and significance for our times. The concept of a subtly interconnected world, of a whispering pond in and through which we are intimately linked to each other and to the universe, assimilated by our intellect and embraced by our heart, is part of humanity's response to the challenges that we now face in common. Our separation from each other and from nature is at the root of many of our problems; overcoming them calls for a recovery of our neglected, hut never entirely forgotten, bonds and connections. Unexpectedly but perhaps not entirely accidentally, the vision emerging in the workshops of the avant-garde sciences could inspire ways of thinking and acting that would go a long way toward facilitating current efforts to transform the specter of a global crisis into the splendor of a humane and sustainable civilization.

Ervin Laszlo, The Whispering Pond: A Personal Guide to the Emerging Vision of Science. Rockport, MA, Element Books, 1996. PP. 224 - 225

You can open your consciousness to the sky by allowing the information that flows into your right hemisphere to inform your left hemisphere. To do this you must desist from dismissing your spontaneous insights, feelings and intuitions as fantasy; you must hold them and reflect on them as potentially deeply meaningful segments of your life’s experience....

Einstein, who was a highly intuitive person, noted that, in science, imagination is more important than reasoning. And Thomas Edison declared, in a little-known but remarkable essay, ...People say I have created things. I have never created anything. I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a plate on a record or a receiving apparatus... (Gary Indiana Gazette, 1911).

Ervin Laszlo, 'Using your quantum brain to connect to the world', Huffington Post on line

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