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United Nations Days & Years Meditation Initiative

Ideas for Participation

Individuals and groups can help to make UN Days and Years much more effective through meditation and prayer. Click here for: information on ways to participate in the UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative; and for information on The Great Invocation, a world prayer that can be used to invoke higher energies of Light, Love and Power in support of the themes of the UN Calendar.

This initiative has been inspired by the recognition that millions of individuals and groups around the world regularly include some form of subjective activity - meditation, prayer, reflection - in their pattern of life. And a significant number are motivated by the wish to contribute to building human unity.

The UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative is designed to encourage these individuals and groups to participate in the UN's programme of special Days and Years. It would be of real benefit to the world if there was a marked increase in subjective support for these points of focussed goodwill energy.

How Can I Be Part of the Initiative?

You can work in meditation or prayer to support the UN Year as a regular service or from time to time. You can keep an eye on the UN Calendar and meditate in support of some of the Days, in addition to any other inner work that you do. Meditations are offered by the Initiative to use if you wish.

If you are part of a group you can use the suggested meditations during some of your meetings. Group members can be encouraged to use one or other of the meditations once a week, or once a month. If you notice that your group is due to meet on, or in the period leading up to, one of the Days in the UN Calendar, why not suggest that the group either uses the suggested meditation at some time in your programme, or observes the Day in some other way.

You or your group might also want to take on some form of outer service in support of either the UN Days or Year.

What if the UN has chosen more than one theme for a year?

The General Assembly of the United Nations often chooses more than one theme for observance as a UN Year. For example 2015 is the International Year of Light & Light-based Technologies and the International Year of Soils. We offer separate meditations for each of the themes related to the year.

You or your group might like to work with one of these meditations, focussing on one of the International Year themes - or you might choose to work with both, alternating them. For example, you might choose to work with one theme for a few months and then switch, or you might vary them by using them on a weekly basis.


If this idea inspires you or your group to action - or if you simply have an idea you want to share please get in touch and send us an email. Let us know your experiences with these meditations - or share with us the meditations that you develop in support of the UN Calendar.

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What's New

2021: is being observed by United Nations as: International Year of Peace and Trust; International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development; International Year of Fruits and Vegetables; and International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. Meditations for these themes will shortly be available. Check out a full list of dates for the 2021 UN calendar

Monthly message 'Please Hold in the Light' - highlighting forthcoming UN Days and major international conferences is available here. To receive these messages by email write: with 'Newsletter' in subject line.